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Letters specific to Year 2 can be viewed here:

    July 2018          
    Mercury & Venus End of Year Assembly Presentation        
    Y2 to Y3 Transition Meeting      
    Attendance Reward Beach Visit      
    June 2018          
    End of KS1 Celebration Assembly      
    Islamic Centre Visit      
    Summer Newsletter
    April 2018          
    NSPCC 'PANTS' Lessons
    Summer 1 Newsletter        
    March 2018          
    Design & Technology Fruit Salad        
    St Saviour's Church Visit      
    KS1 SATS Presentation        
    KS 1 SATS How to Help Your Child        
    KS1 SATS Grammar Glossary        
    KS1 SATS Common Exception Words        
    KS1 SATS Survival Parent and Carer Information Sheet        
    February 2018          
    End of KS1 Assessment Meeting      
    Spring Newsletter        
    November 2017          
    Book Look      
    Christmas Carol Concert
    Jack & the Beanstalk at The Spa      
    Autumn 2 Newsletter
    October 2017          
    Personal, Social, Health & Emotional Education      
    Toys, Games & Grandparents      
    September 2017          
  Harvest Festival          
  National Railway Museum Visit          
  North Bay Visit       North Bay Visit POLSKIE 
  Railway Station Visit       Railway Station Visit POLSKIE
  Autumn 1 Newsletter          

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