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Letters specific to Year 1 can be viewed here:

    July 2018            
    Victorian Party Day        
    Attendance Reward Beach Visit        
    May 2018            
    St Saviour's Church Visit          
    April 2018            
    Spring Walk
    March 2018            
    St Saviour's Church Visit        
    Phonics Meeting        
    January 2018            
    Doorstep Walk        
    Danby North Yorkshire Moors Centre Visit        
    Baby Photograph
    December 2017            
    RE Food Tasting          
    November 2017            
    Book Look        
    Jack & The Beanstalk at The Spa        
    Emeralds & Rubies Nativity        
    Diamonds & Sapphires Nativity        
    September 2017            
  NSPCC Pants         NSPCC Pants POLSKIE
  Art Gallery & Tramway Visit         Art Gallery & Tramway Visit POLSKIE
  Autumn Walk         Autumn Walk POLSKIE 

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